No, I’m not actually at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference, but I found a site that is providing live coverage, in the form of tweet-like updates.

Here’s an app-relevant snippet from the site on Steve Jobs’ presentation (read from bottom up):

10:14am Emphasizes again that 95% are approved within 7 days.

10:14am 3: They crash.

10:14am “Developers who use private API’s know exactly what they’re doing.”

10:14am Doesn’t allow private API’s because they’re not guaranteed and apps that use them will break if the iPhone OS is updated.

10:14am 2. Use of private API’s.

10:13am 1: Doesn’t function or do what the developer says it does.

10:13am Three top reasons why Apple rejects the other 5%.

10:13am 95% approved within 7 days.

10:13am Often submitted in up to 30 different languages.

10:13am 15,000 apps submitted per week.

10:12am Cites over 225,000 apps currently on App Store.

Amazing that they can approve so many apps within a week! With the list growing everyday, I’ve got my work cut out for me. I wonder if they have an app for finding apps?