I love Pandora. Love it. For new users, it’s basically a free online radio service that allows you to create your own station based on artists and genres you already like. For years I’ve listened to Pandora on my computer at work, but I recently found out you can get it on your phone too.

The Pandora app takes the convenience and personalization of the internet-based version onto your phone, so that you can listen to customized radio anywhere you can snag a wifi signal. So if you’re sick of your personal music list, you can just fire up Pandora and listen to all new music – whether you’re out shopping, on the bus, or even on a plane! The app version has all the features of the internet-based version, including the cool thumbs up/thumbs down feature that allows you to tell it what you like and don’t like so that it continuously customizes as you listen more and more.

I gotta say that my favorite thing about this app is that somehow the Pandora I get on my iPhone is actually better than what I get on my computer. For some reason the selection is better and I get to hear artists I never hear on my computer – even though I’m using the same log-in. Go figure.

The app is free, although Pandora does charge $0.99 if you go over 40 hours of music a month. There are also occasional commercials, but they’re brief and not too annoying.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this app a 9. It loses two points for having commercials and a free listening limit. It gets a bonus point for offering me better music than on my computer (I swear I’m not imagining this!).

For more deets, check out this video: