I’m an online shopper. In fact, in college, I suffered a slight addiction to it. I realized that one morning when the mailman greeted me with a Jennifer Lopez CD box set. Yikes.

But in my current life, online shopping has become more a necessity than anything. Between work, school and frequent travel, I rarely have time to go shopping during business hours, so Amazon and eBay now make frequent appearances in my browser history.

Of course, this compelled me to install both apps onto my phone, so that I could take care of shopping errands during little moments of downtime. Whether I’m waiting for a flight to board, on the bus or waiting for the 2 train at 96th St., I can get some serious shopping done with these apps. Talk about simplifying my life.

The Amazon app is pretty great. It syncs up with your existing Amazon account so that all your account information is automatically stored in its system. It allows you to do all the same stuff you can do with the actual site, including saving your favorites and even comparison shopping with other websites. And of course, Amazon is no longer just for books. In addition to buying majorly discounted text books, I’ve bought hair products, office supplies, wall art and even furniture on Amazon.

There’s also a cool feature on the mobile app called “Amazon Remembers”, which allows you to actually take a picture of an item you like, send it out to the Amazon community and get an email update once a seller matches what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the match-up isn’t always that accurate. I took a picture of a multicolor striped pitcher and it sent me back a checkered creamer. But regardless, the concept is really cool and they send you a “match” in just a couple minutes.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate the Amazon app a 8. I just wish they could create a limited version that is functional even without wifi. And they should improve the Amazon Remembers function because it would be so awesome if it was actually accurate.

The eBay app is also pretty sweet. Again, it functions almost exactly like the website, with the added benefit of allowing you to bid even when you’re not by a computer. Similar to Amazon, it saves all your ebay.com account information for added convenience.

With a simplified interface, the mobile app is actually easier to navigate than the website, especially when it comes to messaging buyers and sellers. It also has links to install other relevant apps, like PayPal and eBay Classifieds (for local buying/selling).

Of course, the best thing about the app is that it allows you to follow an item you’re bidding on and receive real-time updates. The “old school” version of this was text message updates, but that always seemed clunky to me. This is way cooler.

I’ve tried to come up with reasons for this to get anything lower than a 10 rating, but I’m at a loss.  Of course, it would be great if it were functional without wifi, but since eBay functions primarily as an online auction space as opposed to an existing database of items for sale, this is a pretty unrealistic desire. So, the eBay app gets a 10 out of 10.