We’ve all been in a situation where a pocket flashlight would really come in handy. Maybe the power went out. Maybe you’re in a dark basement and can’t find the light switch. Maybe you went for a hike and the sun set a little bit earlier than you anticipated.

In times like these, it would be awesome to have a flashlight on your phone, right? So of course I sought it out on the app store, looking for something free and functional. This led me to the Flashlight app.  I was so excited about this app, expecting to never have to buy a flashlight again. To my disappointment, however, the light it produces doesn’t seem to be any more intense than my phone’s regular brightness. Sure, it gives you options to project light in different colors, and it allows you to set the duration, but what’s the point if it’s not serving its actual purpose?

On a scale of 1 to 10, this app gets a 1. Why even bother with opening up the app when you can just hold up your phone and get the same results? Big bummer.