Remember graphing calculators? (This one’s for the Gen Y-ers out there.) Remember when some math teachers would forbid us to use them during tests because of the built-in programs that could solve some math problems?

Well… the Units app blows those graphing calculators out of the water.

For just 99 cents you can have this amazing all-purpose conversion app that can give you instant conversions to almost anything. From basics like area and distance to more advanced measurements like torque and force, this app has it all.

Probably the most practical conversion tools on this app are the currency converter (comes with a date refresh button to ensure accuracy), the length/distance converter (I always forget how many feet there are in a mile), and the fuel consumption converter (you can even calculate your CO2 emissions!).

The results are instant, and the usability is top-notch. You have your pick of 20 different modes (e.g., weight, density, astronomy, luminance, etc.), some of which I would probably never use, but it’s good to know. In fact, this app kind of makes me wish I was a scientist so I could make more use of it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 this app gets a big 10!