I was in Orange County this past weekend for my dad’s wedding, and was greeted at the Long Beach airport by my new step-brother, who I was meeting for the first time. It was surprisingly un-awkward.

As he looked up directions to my hotel on his iPhone, he asked me if I was hungry. I jumped at the chance to get some good Mexican food while in southern California. But since we were both from out of town, neither of us had any clue where to go.

yelp mobile search results“Why don’t you Yelp it,” he said. So I pulled up the Yelp app on my phone, chose my “current location,” and typed in “tacos.” Seconds later it produced a long list of Mexican spots within a mile away (one of the many reasons why I love California). With an average rating of four out of five stars, Rosarito’s Mexican Grill looked like a good choice. 20 minutes later we were eating yummy taco platters for under $5 each.

Much like yelp.com, the app offers information, customer reviews, and photos of local businesses around the country. The app one-ups the website by using the phone’s internal GPS, so even if you have no idea where you are, it does (just like the GrubHub app). The mobile version is also cool because it allows you to upload pics, email to a friend and even post a review all from your phone. It’s very convenient if you’re in a new place and looking for something specific, and the best part is that you can read customer reviews before deciding whether or not to go. It even offers a map and directions. And did I mention it’s free?

Overall, this is a good go-to app. My only criticism is that the reviews should be featured more prominently; they’re a little buried in there. On a scale of 1 to 10, this one gets a 9.