I make lists. In fact, when I’m feeling super overwhelmed by all the things I need to remember and keep track of, I find that writing things down actually makes it all seem more doable. Lately I’ve gotten accustomed to making three lists: work, school, and life (in that order).

The downside to this, of course, is that I tend to end up with a bunch of half-finished lists on scraps of paper all over my desk.

Since I now tend to ask myself “I wonder if there’s an app for that?” more often than I’d like to, I of course wondered if there was an amazing list app that could help me organize my life better.  So I checked out a few of the free ones, and tested them out.

I tried Lists Free, Organizer: ToDo+Calendar+Lists+Sharing, and Use Your Handwriting. Of all of these, Lists Free is probably the best because it’s got the simplest interface and is relatively easy to edit. The Organizer one has a weird interface and isn’t immediately intuitive. And Use Your Handwriting serves no functional purpose at all – except to see your own handwriting on-screen in neon colors. It’s not really a practical list maker by any means.

Overall, my verdict is that using any of these apps is WAY more work than just jotting down a couple things really quickly. As much as I’m open to embracing technology, I think old-fashioned list-making is not a habit I will shake easily.