I’m one of those people who never owned a digital camera, so once I got my iPhone I was ecstatic to actually have a way to take pictures. To my disappointment, however, I learned that iPhones take really crappy pictures. (The iPhone 4 is supposedly much stronger in this department, but I’ll wait it out until they come up with a better version that doesn’t have so many snags).

Of course, now that I’m getting a better and better sense of the plethora of apps out there, I wasn’t too surprised to learn that there are apps to enhance the function and display of your iPhone camera. I’m a little too cheap to pay the $1.99 each for the following apps, so you can try them out for yourself if you’re interested:

One is Hipstamatic, and it is truly hipsterrific, for all intents and purposes. Why? Because it produces analog-looking photos on your iPhone. It doesn’t get more ironic than that.  Check out this Hipstamatic pic:

The app allows you to take your pick of old-school lenses, flashes, and film – and the result is a very cool-looking old-school photo. And it allows you to post to Facebook and Flickr straight from the app. This demo gives a good snapshot (sorry, I had to):

Another photo app I’ve heard a lot about is the Camera Plus Pro (the NY Times raved about it). Priced at $1.99 like the Hipstamatic app, the Camera Plus Pro is an “all-in-one” camera and photo editing app.  It not only allows for zooming, better resolution, and better focus, but it also offers video recording and a whole bunch of other goodies. Check out the demo below to see for yourself. Unfortunately it doesn’t show the video recording feature, but this demo is pretty convincing nonetheless. I might actually have to buy this one: