I don’t really cook. Over the years, I’ve come up with a range of theories as to why this is, but may main go-to excuses are: 1) my parents are amazing cooks, so I never had to learn or try, and 2) I’m single and it’s just too hard to cook for one.

So I tried to see if there are any apps that could inspire me to be more active in the kitchen. There are many recipe and cooking apps out there, so I chose to focus on two that were free and seemed to have decent reviews: the AllRecipes Dinner Spinner and the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

The AllRecipes Dinner Spinner is a cool app, but not the most practical for someone like me who just wants the basics. It has a cool spinning function where you can pick your food category (appetizer, dessert, side dish, etc.), the main ingredient (pork, grains, chocolate, etc.), and your desired prep time. You can “lock” your choices or simply spin it to come up with a random recipe. But regardless, the recipes it provides are the highest rated ones offered by real AllRecipes customers.

It also enables you to save favorites, view featured recipes, and search by nutrition information. There are also different versions of the app for different countries. And there is an advanced version available for $2.99.

Another one, which is probably more up my alley, is the Betty Crocker Cookbook. It allows you to search specific recipes, browse by main ingredient, and even download coupons. It also provides very simple step-by-step directions for all its recipes.

Perhaps one of my favorite things about this app, though, is that it has a feature where you can just type in what you have in the fridge and it will come up with recipes that match what you’ve got! When I typed in “broccoli” and “eggs,” it came up with 32 different recipes – and it wasn’t just omelettes.