Sorry, I’m the master of cheesy titles. I just can’t help it sometimes.

But really, think about it. Mobile apps are really changing the way we go about our everyday lives and interact with others. One thing that really gets me is that I now take for granted that my phone has built-in GPS. I can confidently go to a new neighborhood, city, or even country and know that I can easily make my way around and can probably find what I’m looking for. It’s amazing. Soon we’ll wonder how we ever were able to do anything without mobile apps. Some people already do.

Are we getting spoiled, or is this just a natural progression for communications technology? I began to ponder this after reading this article in the NY Times, in which writer David Pogue asked his Twitter followers to propose apps that don’t exist but should. Even though some people proposed some nonsensical ideas (“an app that puts my kids to bed at night”), many proposed ideas that seem ridiculous but are quite possible. In fact, some of the ones proposed, such as  “an app that tells me where the nearest public bathroom is,” actually already exist. Where will we be in 5 years?