It was the talk of the town when, not too long after the launch of the iPhone 4, a string of complaints came out about really bad reception problems. Was the king of mobile slipping up?

As complaints grew, Apple rushed to address the problem. Now, almost a month later, they still haven’t come up with an actual solution. (Although one brilliant user came up with a creative solution using Livestrong wristbands.)

On Friday, Steve Jobs came out publicly to address the issue, admitting “we’re not perfect.” He acknowledged that it’s no good for a phone to lose reception when you hold it a certain way, and he assured users that they were working to address it right away. He also pointed out that it’s actually a very small fraction of his phones that suffer the problem, and it hasn’t really hindered sales in any way (3 million have already sold, and counting). Further, other smartphones have had similar reception issues in the past, so the problem is certainly not unique to Apple, according to Jobs.

He sweetened the deal by offering free cases to all to all iPhone 4 users and those who plan to buy in the near future. Definitely a nice gesture, but I can’t shake the stigma. I think I’ll wait it out.