Perhaps it was totally naive of me to believe I could actually transform my phone into a hand-held mirror. But since I’m not someone who carries a mirror around with me everywhere I go, there have been moments when I really wish my phone could function this way. For me, it usually comes to mind right before walking into important meetings.

I guess I was not alone. There are a plethora of mirror apps out there, presumably developed to meet the demands of smartphone users like me. So I downloaded one of the free ones and it was literally just a black screen with different frame options. After digging a little deeper, I realized that this whole phenomenon was a deliberate joke. Since I didn’t pay anything for the app, I didn’t really care (minus feeling a little foolish). But in the past, some developers have charged for the app – pissing off naive customers like me.

Apparently, the iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera, so this would actually allow your phone to double as a “mirror.” Interestingly, Apple was not the first in this realm. Since 2007, all Nokia smartphones – from the N95 on – have included this feature.

p.s. While I was researching all this, I came across a noble little app called Beauty Mirror, which was designed to give young girls daily affirmations to boost their self-esteem. Now that’s a way to use an app for good.