If you don’t know about Dropbox, you should. It’s basically a virtual folder that syncs up all your files – on your desktop, laptop, smartphone and online. So no matter where you are, you can access your files. It’s perfect for someone who travels a lot or if you just can’t keep track of different versions of files on your different systems.

The Dropbox app is is great for accessing your files while on the go, and the best thing about it is that you can email files directly from the app. Unfortunately, the big bummer is that it doesn’t allow you to edit the files on your phone, so it’s more a file storage system than anything. But if you’re ever in a bind and need to get a file to someone right away – you can use this app no matter where you are.


Yesterday, I decided to see what my blog looks like on my phone – and I was pleasantly surprised to see how great it looks! And I don’t mean “my blog is so awesome.”  What I’m referring to is the fact that somehow, my blog is optimized for mobile use. That means that when you cue it up on your phone (at least on the iPhone), it doesn’t appear as a tiny version of the website, but rather a reformatted, mobile-friendly version.

WordPress reports that more than 60 million of their blog views come from people on mobile phones, so I guess they’re ensuring that most of the blogs people create using their platform are mobile-ready.

Ironically, the WordPress app is not that great. Maybe they should work on that one next.

A while back I had written about the Lose It! app, which is designed to help users count calories and log exercise. A couple days ago I came across this article detailing how users are really benefiting from this app and others like it  (it also mentions Walk n’ Play). In fact, a specialist in Maine has been testing Lose it! with several diabetes patients and in the past three months all 17 of them have lost weight and reduced their blood sugar.

p.s. also check out this great Top 10 List of weight loss and fitness apps from Mashable. Now that summer classes are over, I’m attempting to jumpstart my fitness routine, so hopefully I will have some reviews of these apps coming soon…

Ever been in a situation where you really had to go but didn’t know where? A good friend of mine is notorious for always having this problem, and he’s earned the name “Whiz Master” as a result.

So leave it to Charmin to sponsor the app called Sit or Squat, which combines geolocation technology and a database of public bathrooms to help you find a bathroom no matter where you are. And for new parents out there – it even has a function that allows you to search specifically for bathrooms with changing tables, which I know can be super important to families on the go.

The most interesting feature of this app is that it allows users to post star ratings, photos and comments. Similar to Yelp, it also provides more info about the bathroom, including its hours, amenities (like seat covers and handicap access) and even contact information. And if you discover a bathroom or have a well-kept secret you want to share, it allows you to add to the database too!

One caveat: the app essentially lists any place (a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, museum) that has a bathroom inside it, so it’s not always going to give you an option where it would be appropriate to just walk in and use the toilet without going unnoticed. But, if you gotta go, you gotta go.

Whether you’re funemployed, trying to make a career change or simply looking for a discreet way to job-search while at work, check out 10 iPhone Apps to Manage Your Job Search on the Go. It offers a comprehensive list of free and paid apps, including some from the likely suspects like CareerBuilder, Craigslist, LinkedIn, plus a few I had never heard of. There’s even one, ABContacts, that actually allows you to tap into and build your existing professional network by organizing the contacts in your phone by category, etc. I did notice that Idealist was conspicuously missing from the list. Surprisingly, they haven’t come up with a mobile app yet…

I was already a big fan of the eBay app, but now they’ve come up with a new one, the eBay Fashion app. It takes the ease of eBay shopping to a whole new level by allowing you to browse and even “try on” apparel that is available in the eBay world. You would never guess this is an auction site (unless you get to the bidding stage) because it is organized so well and has the look and feel of a fashion catalog. It allows you to check out the latest fashions, browse the vintage collection (I’m obsessed with the 70s), and it has a virtual closet function where you can see what your items look like when paired together! You can even upload a picture of yourself and superimpose the items on yourself. Of course, it also has the requisite email, facebook and twitter options as well. Best of all, it’s totally free.

What I love the most is that the people at eBay are thinking about how they can take advantage of mobile to really take their services to a whole new level. I guarantee that I will be using this app in the very near future.

Check out this demo for a walk-through of all the features: