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Much faster than flipping through a pocket dictionary, and with extra features like voiced pronunciation, a thesaurus and words of the day – the app is a must-have. It allows you to look up words no matter where you are, and since it doesn’t even require an internet connection, you can take it anywhere.

No complaints here. This app gets a 10 out of 10.


Words with Friends has become quite an obsession. I’m already a total word-game nerd, so having it at my fingertips is pretty dangerous. And while it doesn’t really simplify my life, it definitely provides nice little mini-breaks in the middle of hectic workdays or lazy weekends.

The app is pretty simple; it’s basically like Scrabble with a few little differences (letter quantity, point values, board layout). I have the free version, which comes with ads. The ads are a little annoying, but harmless enough that I don’t feel the need to buy the $2.99 version.

The app gives you the option of playing with random opponents or searching for your friends (it can look up friends through your contact list). Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you the option of playing against more than one opponent – but you can play multiple games at once.

It’s become a bit of a craze among my friends, and I’m currently playing nine games (7 with friends, 2 with randoms). Another cool feature about the app is that you can chat with your opponents via text message. For those over-texters out there, this could be a good loophole for free texting.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this app a 7. It loses points because it tends to be a little slow, and it sometimes freezes up when there are too many games going at once. It’s also lame that it doesn’t keep a record of your moves within each game.